Mustard Seed Ministries ... "Making Dreams Come True Through Education & Technology"
Mustard Seed Ministries ...       "Making Dreams Come True              Through Education & Technology"

We Do Repairs

 MSM never intended to be competition with the retail computer industry, so we do not advertise a repair service... but we do repairs!


We understand that many families struggle to make ends meet. Families also know that having technology for their children is essential for academic success. With this in mind, MSM repairs units for needy families. If an MSM computer needs repair, it is of course - free. If we repair a computer that has been purchased elsewhere, we charge only the cost of the parts or licenses needed to repair the unit. No labor time is charged.


MSM takes pride in our business ethic. We never fix a computer that isn't worth repairing - and we never deem a computer to be salvage when it can be repaired and continue to service a family successfully.


If you have a computer issue - come see us! We'll check it out for free!



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