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Mustard Seed Ministries ...       "Making Dreams Come True              Through Education & Technology"

Computers 4 Kids...

If you are reading this page, it's probably because you heard from a friend about the FREE computer they received from Mustard Seed.


It was NO LIE!


MSM gives needy students a free computer!


If you are a student from 5th thru college age you already qualify for one of our free Student Merit Computers!

These units are state-of-the-art computers, loaded with Windows 7 Pro, Microsoft Office Pro, and too many to mention other programs for student productivity!


So, how can you get one?


1. Contact MSM for a contract packet.

2. Fill out the cover page with your name, address, phone, etc.

3. On page two of the packet you will write a short essay on how that computer will help you with your school work.

4. On page three you will record the places where you have completed your 10 hours of public service. Now, don't let this scare you away! You can serve these hours at any non-profit in town; like PATH or St. Paul's Children's Foundation. Or you can create your own way to serve! We like this the best ... so maybe you rake your neighbors yard, or walk their dog while their on vacation. You can do any kind of service that you like ... as long as it is not for your immediate family and it is done with no payment. (So, baby sitting your sister doesn't count!)


After you have all that completed, you bring the packet back to Mustard Seed and we give you the computer!


And it's yours to keep ... that is until you start high school - when you bring it back to MSM and trade it in for a new and faster unit! That's FREE too! (When you go to college you trade for a new one again!)


This is sooooooo awesome!


MSM has given away over 10,000 computers since 2002!


Come and be a part of this fabulous program!



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