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cyber scrub

Mustard Seed offers many services - all computer technology oriented.


One of our service which is widely used is our professional data destruction service. What this really means is ... we professionally destroy the data on hard drives!


We understand how valuable your data is to you, and we also understand that when you get a new computer you need to destroy the data on your old unit.


Our service uses the Department of Defense method for destroying data - you can specify how many "destruction passes" you desire on your hard drive. With each hard drive which we "scrub" we give its owner a certification of destruction, along with serial numbers, etc.


This service is free to all who donate a computer to MSM.


If you just want your hard drives scrubbed, and are not planning on donating a computer, there is a small fee charged for this service.


We are proud to say that we have rendered this service to many lawyers, businesses and doctors in the Tyler area.


Call us for more info.



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